Aurora Colors

brick-n-mortar business is closed.

"Our liquidation sale was a huge success. We did not sell our business though, so perhaps Aurora Colors will continue in some way online. Maybe... I will have a glass studio and Lyndon will have a woodshop in our new home. We love art and love making it, and sharing what we know with you. If you like, follow us or subscribe below and we'll keep you updated. Etsy and YouTube are possiblities. There's only so much fishing one can do!

For now, we are moving out of state on June 11th, a bitter-sweet time in our lives. We were both born in Northern California and I have spent the majority of my life in Sonoma County. I, for one, will miss everything and everyone.

God speed to you all and we thank everyone for their support through good times and bad. You have helped us achieve another dream ~ Retirement!"

~ Vangie and Lyndon Pullins



Hello from Vangie and Lyndon, owners of

Lyndon's woodshop will be in the extra garage building you see on the right (spring).

My (our) glass studio in a portion of the basement level. My craft & sewing room will be on the top-left overlooking the backyard (winter).  


Excited after living in a small apartment for 10 years!

Our new home is on an acre outside of a very small town less than an hour  North East of Kansas City, near my Mother and our sisters and brother.

All four seasons in Missouri - many life changes are about to happen.

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