Aurora Colors studio and store moved to Sebastopol in March 2013. The owners swear they will never move their store again. 

There are other stained glass businesses, and window glass businesses, but Vangie and Lyndon have made it their business to be accomplished glass artists in several stained glass techniques and use them to provide the widest variety of services available anywhere in Northern California. They do not out source their jobs. Vangie is fond of saying 'we do just about anything with glass except blow it' and if they can't help you, they probably know someone that can. Their combined skills - acquired before glass and since - has helped them create a self-sufficient business. If they had needed to hire others for website building, photographing and editing, writing ads, remodeling stores, and all the many small and big tasks that they do themselves - they wouldn't have been able to build and grow Aurora Colors. They married later in life. Vangie was 48 and Lyndon was 52. They believed that if they could just work together, they might be able to make up for some of the years they can never have together. Sometimes it has been hard working so closely, but always worth it. Neither thought they would someday be glass artists or own a store. They have had many self-realizations and learned they possess innate abilities not realized before Aurora Colors. Their love for each other has woven into their business and every glass work they create has a touch of them in it. They hope you enjoy their albums here and elsewhere on this site, perhaps return to browse what is new. If you get inspired, perhaps they may assist you as well. [Click on any photo to browse albums or larger images.]

About Aurora Colors

March 2013 to Present (5th)

503 S Main Street, Sebastopol, CA

Aurora Colors studio and store is now perfectly located. Thousands of cars drive by daily. They have a sign in their window "Come In and Browse". People do! Street parking in front on S. Main or drive around the block (one way streets) and turn left onto Walker. Parking lot in back of building (entrance from Walker Ave) - use the three (3) reserved spaces for 505 S. Main.  Click image for album and descriptions.

February 2010 through February 2013 (4th)

10 Enterprise Drive, Rohnert Park, CA

Aurora Colors third location was in Rohnert Park. A  nice space but tucked away on a side street. No drive by traffic. Just a safe haven to grow strong again. They had to move on.
Click image for album and descriptions.

April 2006 through December 2009 (3rd)

245 Kentucky Street, Petaluma, CA

Aurora Colors had a star shining down on their little peace of heaven in the Old Petaluma Opera House. Album of many good times and memories will include their fine art gallery. If you had art exhibited in their shop or participated in their many events or receptions, you may find a photo of yourself sharing in those good times. 

Click image for album and descriptions.

February 2004 through March 2006 (2nd)

E. Washington Street, Petaluma, CA

Aurora Colors first store and studio in Petaluma. Moving in, interior, grand opening celebration. Happy days!

Click image for album and descriptions.

July 1996 through 2003 (1st)

'Moonlighting' out of home studio in Petaluma.

Aurora Colors began with just a listing in the phone book. Vangie had a handful of commissions and a couple repairs. She was about to offer some free stained glass work for the Petaluma Train depot, not in use then, when the Bar Ale feed and pet store burned in October 2000. Instead, she offered to donate stained glass to what they would rebuild. What was reopened had a new name:  Rivertown Feed & Pet Country Store. There's a lot of history, too much to relate here. Lyndon joined her in 2002 and by the end of the year, he became her first student. You know the rest!

Click image for album and descriptions.

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