About Glass

Stained glass windows are dynamic art forms that differ from one minute to the next, and one day to the next, along with the differences in the light that shines through them. As time passes from sunrise to sunset, and from sunny days to a rainy day... and from green spring days to white snow-covered winter days, these forms of art change in ways that are as unique as the day is itself. For this reason there is no other art form like stained glass windows.

Modern stained glass window designs are one of those simple pleasures that turn houses into cozy homes. They help you to feel good when you are home, and put smiles on people’s faces.

During the day the windows are most brilliant inside of the house as the sun lights them up. But in the evenings, the windows are most brilliant when seen by people approaching the house from the outside. It’s as if the indoor lighting turns on these previously less obvious art forms. Although they could be easily seen from the bright sunlight outdoors during the day, it is the light shining through them in the evenings that make the windows come alive to passing neighbors.