Album - Rancho Way, Petaluma

July 1996 through January 2004

Vangie founded Aurora Colors as a sole proprietorship in 1996 and immediately purchased .com and .net urls, and trademarked Aurora Colors. Family and friends encouraged her to start the business after she made some unusual stained glass jewelry but lead free solder wasn't readily available at that time and so she 'let go' any ideas regarding foiled stained glass jewelry. Designing and building windows or sun catchers was much more interesting and fun anyway. Occasionally she did a repair, but her studio time was limited to weekends and evenings as she had long commute hours from Petaluma to San Francisco. 

Back then her name was Vangie Becerra (maiden name) Trenchard. Vangie is short for Vangeleen. 


Aurora Colors™

503 S. Main Street

Sebastopol, CA  95472

United States

Tel:  707.824.1600

Open:  Mon-Fri 10 am to 5 pm

Closed Weekends (Sat. available w/appointment)

We accept cash or local checks. No debit/credit cards accepted since 2017.

Purchase Wisely. All sales are final. No returns or deposit refunds.

We have thousands of happy customers, in business since 1996.

We believe you will be, too!

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