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on noteworthy stained glass works by Vangie Pullins and Lyndon Pullins

“Rivertown Rainbow Bridge Memorial” to Bar Ale, Petaluma (1959-2000)

2003 March ~

Internal skylight mural in traditional leaded stained glass and Tiffany foil method. Fifteen panels, approx. 64 square feet overall.

Installed at Rivertown Feed & Pet Country Store, 200 1st Street, Petaluma, CA at a 20 degree angle between the first and second floor. 

Owners, Don Benson and (late) Tami Lewis Benson  

This is a memorial to the Petaluma Bar Ale store, (owned by Tami’s parents, Paul and Marlene Lewis), and the birds and animals that came to such a tragic end by fire on October 29, 2000 (approx. 18,200 sq. foot building.)

Fortunately, most of Bar Ale Petaluma's inventory was in the warehouse across the street from the main building. This building became the new store's location as the Bar Ale Petaluma owners retired and the Rivertown Feed & Pet Country Store was born.

Vangie completed the design in March 2001 and began constructing the first panel. The only request by Tami and Don were to have the critters and crickets in heaven. Vangie wanted it to speak 'Petaluma' and 'Bar Ale'. At one time, Bar Ale had peacocks and the Petaluma River and hills are shown reaching from one feather to the other. Due to her own sudden  loss in May 2001, all stained glass work ceased for about a year. After Lyndon had assisted her with foiled works, he learned how to do traditional leaded windows by assisting Vangie with this large and complex work with each panel flowing into adjoining panels. The frame is aluminum custom built for the angle of the skylight. Leaded and foiled stained glass with hand-painted kiln-fired details and German faceted jewels. The sun and rays were silver stained a pale yellow and kiln fired. The sheets of stained glass and frame were funded by the owners. The concept, design, additional materials, tools, and labor were donated by Aurora Colors.

Laminated Door Repair for St. Sebastian's Catholic Church

2004 October ~ 


St. Sebastian’s Catholic Church, 7983 Covert Lane, Sebastopol, CA. 
Contact:  Rev. William Hynes


Removal and installation of laminated leaded glass panels in front entrance doors.

Approx. 80 inches by 33 inches overall. Lower portion of doors were replaced. They had been broken by skateboards crashing into them.

Decorative Lighting in Salon at Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa

2005 October ~


Installed in salon at Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa, The Fairmont Hotel, 100 Boyes Blvd., Boyes Hot Springs, CA. 

Contacts: David Erlich or Antonella Grandi

"L" shape, approx. 14 feet total length by 8 inches high.


Concept and design by Vangie, constructed and installed by Vangie and Lyndon. Fairly smooth stained glass and textured stained glass joiners were used to create a valance to camouflage the existing commercial strip lights while complimenting the other existing sconce lighting in the salon.

Vestibule Doors at Sonoma Valley Community Church

2006 July ~


Two stained glass door panels, each approx. 52.5 inches by 13.75 inches.

Installed at Sonoma Valley Community Church, 181 Chase St., Sonoma, CA.

Contact:  Diane Winter


Concept and design by Vangie of crosses and the church emblem is ‘hinted’ at by the overall design of the windows. They flow from one panel to the other with continuous ribbons. Construction is in Tiffany foil method. Lyndon cut custom size openings in their existing wood doors and installed the completed panels.

Diane’s father was one of the original founders of the church in 1945.

Restoration to Historical Re-Discovered Church Windows

2007 July to August  ~


First Presbyterian Church, Petaluma, CA. 

Contact:  Kenneth J. Nugent, Elder


In 1885, the Presbyterian congregation built its first church on what was then Kentucky Street, next to the property where the Petaluma museum is now located. Gracing the perimeter of their white clapboard church was a translucent bracelet of ten colorful, stained glass windows memorializing Petaluma pioneers. In the spring of 1963, the old wooden structure was torn down and the congregation stacked the windows in a henhouse. Forty years later, after being exposed to the destructive effects of time, the windows were “re-discovered”.

Met and consulted with church elders. Removed the 8 feet tall windows from crates, cleaned, straightened and partially restored two of the windows, preparing them to be enclosed in display cases.

Wine Cellar Window at Hendricks Vineyard

2008 February ~

Traditional stained glass window for custom shaped window frame, approx. 2.75 feet in diameter.

Installed in the wine cellar at the Hendricks Vineyard and residence.

Hendricks Development Co., 6614 Lakeville Rd., Petaluma, CA 

Contact:  Sid and Gigi Hendricks

Concept and design by Vangie. Referred to as "Gigi's Window", jewel tones of cathedral glasses were used to create an 'old world' mission style look. The grape cluster is surrounded by leaves in harvest colors with smooth jewels. A light was installed outside to keep the window lighted at night.

Six Chandeliers in Fifth Floor Restaurant, Pacific Hotel, San Francisco

2008 February ~


Fabricated light diffusers/panels of stained glass for six chandeliers, approx. 36 inches in diameter.

Installed at Fifth Floor Restaurant in Pacific Hotel, San Francisco, CA. 

Contact:  Jacob Logsdon, Puccini Group 


Aurora Colors was hired to cut and install glass required for six chandeliers, approx. 56 square feet in total. Puccini Group designer, Meghan Rigney, had pre-selected the chandelier glass from a sample set they had purchased for well over one hundred dollars (we sold for $35.) It was a dark burgandy with swirls of clear. We had vases and votives made of this glass, a Spectrum baroque. Vangie gifted Meghan a votive, sent with Lyndon when he first met at the restaurant for exact measuring, along with a sample of Kokomo glass which they believed was more in line with what the Puccini Group envisioned, an opalescent glass. They loved it and a crate of the Kokomo glass was ordered.

Wine Bar Window at Hilltop Restaurant in Novato

2010 April ~


Stained glass window for wine bar, approx. 30 inches by 15 inches.

Installed at Hilltop Landmark Restaurant, 850 Lamont Ave., Novato, CA. 

Contact:  Gary Hendricks


Before this restaurant re-opened, the new owners requested a window with grapes and an "H". The unusual shape of this window gave inspiration to the rest of Vangie's design. Most of this window is in blown stained glass.

Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital Chapel

2013 July ~



Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital Chapel, 1155 Montgomery Dr., Santa Rosa, CA. 

Contact:  Kevin Fitsgerald, Engineer.


Remove and replace large broken/missing stained glass; reglaze entire panel and clean both sides.

Memorial Window Covelo, California Church

2013 August ~


“In Thanksgiving, Norman & Andrea Whipple.”  Traditional stained glass window with insert in Tiffany foil method, approx. 49 inches by 23 inches.

Installed at Our Lady Queen of Peace Mission Church, Covelo, CA.

Contact:  Andrea Whipple, Covelo, CA 


Memorial in honor of Andrea's husband, Norman Wayne Whipple, Nov. 24, 1933 to Feb. 28, 2013. Leaded stained glass window of harlequins. Symbolic designs of an eagle (Norman and Andrea), bear (Norman’s Native American family), and wolf (Norman), were done in foiled stained glass within a circle 11 inches in diameter. Dedication words and small details were hand-painted and kiln-fired. 

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