Deluxe Stained Glass Tool Kit

$230 plus sales tax.

Safety Glasses                                                                               

Ultra-fine black marking pen

Glass Cutter 

Running Pliers  

Breaking Pliers

Ten (10) Horse shoe nails

7/32 inch black back copper foil, 1 package

Flat plastic fid (aka lathekin)

Flux brush

Nokorode Flux

65-watt Soldering Iron with ¼ inch wide soldering tip AND iron rest

Sponge on tray

Soldering Iron Temperature Controller

60/40 solder

stained glass cutting oil


Aurora Colors, 503 S. Main Street, Sebastopol, CA  95472            (707) 824-1600    

Aurora Colors™

503 S. Main Street

Sebastopol, CA  95472

United States

Tel:  707.824.1600


Open:  Mon-Fri 10 am to 5 pm

Closed Weekends (Sat. available w/appointment)

We accept cash or local checks. No debit/credit cards accepted.

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