Stained Glass Tools and Supplies List

Tools and Supplies Needed for
Beginning Stained Glass Class at Aurora Colors

Note items marked with an asterisk (*) are included in our Stained Glass Tool Kit available for $230 plus sales tax.

When purchased with registration of this class, save and own for $175 plus sales tax.

Required for first class and thereafter:

*Safety Glasses                                                                                *Ultra-fine black marking pen

*Glass Cutter                                                                                     Blue or Red Ink Pen

*Running Pliers                                                                                Blue carpenter’s tape – not sticky masking tape

*Breaking Pliers

Required by 2nd class:

Stained glass for your project – you may want to select at end of first class.

*Horse shoe nails – 5 to 10

*7/32 inch black back copper foil, 1 package

*Flat plastic fid (aka lathekin) – NOT the fid with a curved foot, used for opening lead came.

*Flux brush

*Flux – we recommend the cheaper and “can’t spill” flux paste by Nokorode, 1.7 oz.

*65 to 100-watt Soldering Iron with ¼ inch wide soldering tip AND iron holder

*Sponge on tray (often a part of the iron holder)

*Soldering Iron Temperature Controller

*60/40 solder – NOT 50/50 or any other alloy combination

One stick of ¼ inch U-lead came

Soft lint free rag for polishing completed window.


Small pointed scissors                   Ultra-fine gold marking pen                       Sharp point craft knife

Provided by Aurora Colors:

Our glass grinders and studio, *stained glass cutting oil, plywood work board, rulers, scissors, pattern & pattern supplies, patina and finishing supplies.


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